Manufacture A Variety Of High Quality Manufacturing Components & Small Assemblies

Manufacturing components & small assemblies for Aerospace and Space applications,
AS9100 Rev D certified company.


The Company dedicated for manufacturing components & small assemblies for Aerospace and Space applications. It was established by Mr. Pradeep Gowda H G who is the Managing partner of the company intending to excel as a leading supplier of components & minor assemblies in the Aerospace sector.

M/S Garuda Aerotech was established keeping the industrial background of its parent company M/S G.S Gears India Pvt Ltd. The parent company has decades of manufacturing experience in fine machining and all kinds of precision gear manufacture for the last 26 years. Gears are manufactured in fully finished and ready to use applications for different industry sectors. M/S G.S Gears India Pvt Ltd, was established by Mr. Pradeep’s father Mr. MM Giri, in the year 1995 for manufacture of sophisticated helical and spur gears catering to the needs of textile, Mining, Wind energy, Machine tool, Industrial gear box, Automotive, Hydraulic application Industries.

This being an associate company of M/S Garuda Aerotech lends Technical and all other support as needed from time to time and supports operations at Garuda Aerotech. Most of the gears manufactured at G S Gears pvt Ltd are exported to other countries apart from catering to customers within India.

G S Gears has an employee strength of around 65-70 people with around 40 machines including sophisticated Gear hobbing and Gear grinding machines. Most of the machines are of overseas origin like Germany, Japan and Switzerland. G S Gears has a turnover of around 18-20 crores Annually & it is certified with ISO 9001. Various operations that are performed at G S Gears include bar cutting, Turning, Broaching, Gear Hobbing, Tooth chamfering, Cylindrical grinding, Bore grinding, Gear grinding, Lead and profile testing facility, Surface roughness testing facility. All are of very high accuracy levels. In the same manner it is intended to manufacture very high precision parts for Aerospace and Space applications keeping very high quality, reliability and consistency as a norm of manufacture and way of life at Garuda Aerotech.

Garuda Aerotech has a vision to be a leading tier-1 supplier of very high quality & very high precision parts and mechanical assemblies for Aerospace and Space applications and excel in this field with a strong footing in India. Garuda Aerotech has also a clear vision to be an active partner in developing “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and strengthen our country in terms of Technical superiority, competency & a model to be self reliant. One of the key intensions of the company apart from developing technical capabilities, is to build a strong team of talents which would be globally recognized, inculcate excellent culture among all employees, imbibe good values of life, practice & promote good ethics amongst all in the organization . In the process it is intended to provide as many employment opportunities as possible to deserving people and be of service to the nation & society as a whole.

Our current capabilities define manufacturing accuracies up to 0.001mm in terms of linear and cylindrical characteristics, GD&T characteristics on concentricity, Cylindricity, parallelism, flatness requirements up to 0.003 mm and positioning accuracies ranging from 0.002 to 0.004mm. We have the necessary manufacturing and measurement capabilities to meet such requirements consistently. We can also accommodate parts with a maximum length & breadth of 500 x 400mm at present. However induction of few more machines with longer bed sizes are on the anvil and they will be on board very soon. Our new machines are also highly sophisticated and are meant for producing very critical and highly accurate parts to meet overall requirements up to 0.001 to 0.002 microns.

Quality Management System Manual

Quality Policy & Quality objectives


We at GARUDA AEROTECH are committed to consistently deliver precision machined components and assemblies that enhance the expectations of the customer in terms of quality, delivery & other applicable requirements. We are also committed to respond spontaneously to our customers in resolving any issue faced by customers with regard to our supplies. Garuda Aerotech continually improves the Quality Management System in order to enhance operational efficiency which in turn enhances Customer satisfaction.
Garuda Aerotech satisfies all the applicable statutory, regulatory & Customer requirements through continual improvements in all areas of our operations and achieve overall Business excellence.

  • Consistently produce & deliver 100% acceptable quality parts.
  • Demonstrate on time delivery of products in full at all times.
  • Enforce and monitor measures required to continuously Reduce internal Rejections.
  • Measure supplier performance periodically and enhance operational Performance of supply chain through constant interactions, continuous Education and training.
  • Strive to continually improve performance of all internal processes through Constant training, learning and skill development of employees at all levels.
  • Achieve highest customer satisfaction through scientific measurement.
  • Achieve zero accidents all through the year.
  • Meet all the statutory, regulatory and applicable customer requirements


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